Stocking up for Winter!

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to help a knitting friend clean out her Etsy stock so they can refresh it, I succumbed to a yarn order! 
Check out their store for some wonderful yarn!
 This one for the sheer joy of knitting with the cashmere!
 This skein because I love the colors!
 Isn’t this the cleverest little package?  They are a number of little balls to use when knitting scrap yarn socks or the sock blankets!
 See how it will add to the palette of scraps I have!
 This is all that I have on my little lap blanket;  I wanted Araignee to see I wear crocs, too! lol
I like do it and the extra yarns are going to be added to the mix I have so that it will stretch out the colors!
(I use a 40 stitch total row to begin my squares and attach as I knit)

And there is an adorable kitty paw print stitch marker!!

That is a wonderful bonus of customer service!

And this is the main attraction to my day-Boy Wonder and his wonderful ‘Ideas!”

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