Good Results all Around

I’m much happier with the results of this garter stitch hat for a baby!  The depth is better with this one, I think.  I will know for sure when I try it on my grandson! 
I did a little sewing today, long enough to put together the book panel I bought at the quilt shop a month ago. 
It went together pretty easily, I interfaced each ‘page’ and then sewed the units together and then layered them and sewed through the center twice to make a nice binding. 
I did get my page order a bit confused at first, it took me a bit of time to get the layout right!  
I will be sending this along to Mila for her first birthday.   She is still in the ‘put everything in your mouth’ stage!  This will be a good wash and dry book for her!


Our son, Matthew, had a last minute cancellation in his work foursome for a golf tournament.  He called and invited Bill to come and fill the position and hurry-the game started in an hour!  Not only did he make it in time (a thunderstorm delayed it long enough for him to arrive!)  he played well and his foot held up for the whole game-his first since surgery in March!  And they won!  I am so grateful Bill and the boys…I mean our grown sons, enjoy each other’s company! 
I spent most of the day in the recliner….I reorganized my knitting bag and put all the needles, etc in the new tote and then I had to knit a pair of socks to cleans the palate!  This pair will be for Abigail so she will have a pair to match her mom’s.
I love to knit and socks are the best!

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