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The orange blossoms are so plentiful and so aromatic right now!  The wind blows trails of sweetness across the whole yard.  It is good……. 
I take Bill out for golf cart rides….this was his latest project-clearing the eastern boundary of brush.  The scents there of pine, vines and earth are very heady.  
I like the scent of woods to be part of my head clearing each day.
I am tired and a quiet ride so I can admire and savor these senses are treasures!
What do you do to decompress?

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Twisted and Tried

The skein of navy kettle dyed superwash merino is finished.
I have 287 yards of fingering weight yarn which is enough to knit a pair of men’s short socks. 
We went to Bill’s podiatrist today to get the bandages off.  It was good to see the incision looking so well with a minimum amount of swelling.
The pathology report wasn’t in yet which was very disappointing! 
BUT they did surprise us with the announcement that they are going to put him in a cast for four weeks!  Since what she found wasn’t a bone spur but a growth around the tendon, she has to allow healing time for that tendon and the best way is casting.
We were a shocked.
This wasn’t what we were expecting for recuperation expectations!
If we have learned nothing else, it is that God’s ways very often lead in a different direction than we expect but it is always a better path.
Here’s to the higher ground!

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March 2016 – multi-pronged transfer demo

The meeting on the 1st March included a demonstration of multi-prong transfer tools, Guild renewal and a lively Show-and-Tell.

The Machine Knitting Guild provides additional benefits to knitting clubs who have 10 or more Guild members that join/renew at the same time. Guild members received their renewal slips in the most recent Guild magazine, and brought them along to the meeting. The benefits include a discount on the membership fee, and public liability insurance.

Liz ran through some of the up-coming knitting events in the area.

  • Machine Knitting Live is at Bournemouth on Saturday 5th March.
  • The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia is the 3-6 March.
  • The Creative Crafts Show is a 4 day event being held from 23rd April to the 26th April 2015 at the Royal Bath & West Showground in South Somerset (Shepton Mallet).
  • Stitch and Craft is at the Three Counties Showground (Malvern) 10-11 April.
  • Fibre East is at Ampthill (near Bedford) 30-31 July.

There were a lot of people at the Make It show in Farnborough last weekend, but there weren’t many knitting stands. There were a lot of card making stands, which were very popular. The bead and yarn stands were less busy.

A member brought in an article from Designer Knitting magazine entitled “A light touch” about Knitted Knockers. Knitted Knockers are special handmade breast prosthesis for women who have undergone mastectomies or other procedures to the breast. There is a group who are trying to provide them to anyone who needs them. Please see their website for more details, including free patterns and yarn details  –

For those who enjoy knitting for charity, there is a ‘knitting for charity’ group on Ravelry that lists all the different charity knitting projects.

Several twiddlemuffs were made on the Guild stand at Unravel. It is a productive way of using up odds and ends of yarn. Here is a link to a page with a pattern.

Check with your local hospital to find out their current knitting requests.

Frimley Park Hospital need 24″ square blankets at the moment. See the Bliss website for prem baby patterns – Please only use white cotton or acrylic.

Show and tell

Vee had knit a pair of brown multi-colour sock flat on 2 needles, and a green cardigan from yarn from sales table made on machine.

Carol – hand-knit white jackets for frimley hospital, and a blanket. Blue and white stripped jacket for great niece. 12-18 months.

Pink socks from sock knitting machine.

Liz then presented a demonstration of using the adjustable 7 prong transfer tool on the knitting machine, and other alternative transfer tools.

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March is almost here

Our March meeting is coming up fast – in fact it is on Tuesday as that is the start of the month – yes Tuesday 1st March!  Where did January and February go??  Even the extra day for the leap year hasn’t made it seem any longer!!

As well as the usual chatter, and show and tell, I will bring a machine along and demonstrate some of the things you can do with a 7-prong transfer tool.  Standard gauge machine of course, as they never made the adjustable transfer tool for any other gauge machine.

Bring work in progress too if you like to keep your hands busy.

Guild of Machine Knitters members please bring your subscription renewals with you.

See you on Tuesday, 8 pm as usual.
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February 2016 – Felted wool balls

There was a good turn-out for the February hands-on meeting, despite the wet cold weather. After the Christmas quiet, the knitting and crafting shows start with abundance in February.

Unravel is taking place at The Malting in Farnham from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st February.

Knit & Stitch It is taking place at FIVE in Farnborough from Friday 26th to Saturday 27th February.

Machine Knitting Live is a one day event taking place at Bournemouth School for Girls in Bournemouth on Saturday 5th March.

Reminder that subs for members of the Guild of Machine Knitters are due next month. The renewal form will be included in the next Guild magazine, which has just gone to the printers.

The club received a lovely letter from The Royal Marsden, thanking us for the donations.

Our creative club members have been very busy over the last couple of months, and there was a wide variety of items brought along for the show and tell.

Carol made a green and white striped child’s cardigan, and a pink/mauve child’s cardigan.

Mandy knit a sparkly green scarf from 4 ply yarn on her knitting machine. The pattern is by Knit-1 in Brighton, and uses short-rows (hold) to create the 3D structure.

Julia created two chunky cowls. The first is knit from knitted i-cord.

The second is knit using colourful chunky yarn.

This blanket is knitted from one continuous 10 stitch wide pattern, using short rows to turn each corner.

The hands-on session was making felt balls from scraps and ends of wool yarn. There were varying levels of success! It isn’t always easy to tell which yarn scraps are pure wool, and which are treated wool. The treated wool doesn’t felt, but instead shreds or doesn’t change structure at all. Some tried shaking the wool inside the plastic egg from inside a Kinder Egg (good excuse for a chocolate treat!), and others tried rolling the yarn between their hands.

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February 2016 meeting

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?  I hope not!

Our first meeting of 2016 is coming up quickly.  It’s Tuesday 2nd February.  It’s a “play” evening as we will be using scraps of yarn to make felt balls.  Yes – any odd scraps of yarn that will felt can be used to make felt balls for decorative use, like the bits you trim off when you’ve sewn the yarn ends in.

There are two ways of making the felt balls, one is to roll them between your hands, and the other is to put them into a plastic “egg” and shake.  You’ll need a bit of water and some soap or detergent too.

So I hope you’ll come along and join in.  Of course if you pefer you can bring a work in progress and join in with the chatter too.  And don’t forget to bring completed projects for show and tell.

Tuesday 2nd February is the date, 8 pm is the time.  See you there.

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Sent to the Marsden

Here’s a couple of photos of the lovely items we sent to the Friends of The Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton Branch at the beginning of December.

As you can see, it isn’t easy taking a photo (or two) of the things when laid out on 6 ft tables and we used three of them to have enough space to lay everything out.  (Note to self: must think of a better layout for December 2016!)

A few days after the items were taken to the Hospital we received a lovely thank you letter.

Thanks to everyone who brought something along.  I know the things we send are appreciated.

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December meeting

This month is the annual Christmas meeting, and the collecting together of items to be taken up to The Royal Marsden for their charity shop. This year has been another excellent collection which only just squeezed onto 3 of the long trestle tables. There were knitted scarves, jumpers, socks and baby clothes, along with toys and other gifts. 
Liz reminded us that the next knitting show is the Unravel luxury yarn and craft show at The Maltings in Farnham on Friday 19th to Sunday 21st February 2016. The Guild will have a stand in the basement, and there will be lots of yarn-bombing of the building, both inside and out.
Reminder that there is no meeting next month, so the next meeting will be the felt balls meeting in February. Another reminder to keep hold of scraps and ends of felt-able wool yarn, and a kinder plastic egg (or similar). During the show and tell, Liz sent around the room a plastic egg contain yarn ends for everyone to take turns in shaking, and by the end of the show and tell, we had made a felt ball.
The local library ran a crochet snowflakes course, including hanging loops and beads. After experimentation with various yarns, the best for snowflakes is Anchor No. 8 crochet cotton.

Carol had made a beautiful rainbow colour child’s jacket.
Carol had also finished her first every sock, which encouraged other knitters to show off their sock knitting achievements.

Veronica knitted a tiny elf to go on the Christmas tree.

Christine had hand-knit a Wallace Pleated Cardigan in Rowan 4 ply using a vintage pattern from the internet.

The evening finished with tea and mince pies.

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December Charity Evening

Is it really almost the end of the year?  It has gone so quickly.

December, once again, brings our charity evening.  This is the occasion when we bring along new items that are donated to the Friends of the Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton Branch to sell on their regular sales tables.  The new items can be made by us, and also things that we have bought or been given but for some reason can’t use, or don’t like.  The items are collected together and delivered to the Hospital one day soon after our meeting.

During the course of the evening we will also have a go at knitting some Christmas decorations.  If you don’t have a pattern put “Knitted Christmas decorations” into Google or another search engine and you’ll find loads to choose from.  Print off the pattern and bring it along with needles and yarn and knit whilst you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a mince pie.

Just to remind you – the meeting is on Tuesday 1st December, 8 pm.

Hope to see some of you there.
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Fleet Club Knit-In

This is something we haven’t done before, but thought it worth a try.  So we found a date when the hall was free and booked it for the day (a Saturday so that members who worked could also come).  The idea was to come along for as long as you wanted and work on your own project, or finish something you had already started.  There would be a continuous supply of tea and coffee, plus biscuits to help things along.

Of course the date didn’t suit everyone, but over the course of the day seven members came along.  A couple brought their machines, and the others were working on finishing things they’d started.  It was a good excuse to knit all day, without interruption or the need to attend to chores.  We almost forgot to take a photo to record the event.  The one below was taken late in the day, after some people had departed.

Liz took the opportunity to knit the covers for the pillars at Farnham Maltings. Three pieces, 130 stitches by almost 900 rows each with some colour changes along the way.  She remembered to put in markers too, as this will make it easier for installation. They will now be decorated for display at Unravel in February.

Nina was all set to knit a jumper for herself, but her machine started playing up.  The carriage really didn’t like knitting in one direction.  It screeched and put up resistance.  All our efforts made on difference and the machine behaved beautifully when she changed to a different yarn.  The only thing we can put the problem down to was static.  Hopefully Nina will be able to update us at the next meeting.

Carole, Julia, Phyllis, Rita and Vee were all working on handknit projects, or completing/assembling garments knitted on their machines. 

It was a good day and nice to be able to chat informally.  We don’t always get time to do that at a club meeting.

All in all, it was a successful day and one that will be repeated.
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