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Family Support

The fourth flower dishcloth comes off the needles, I need to go back and repeat the colors so I can start to give some away! 
The Cereus has doubled in size and diameter!  I will be home to see it this time! 
The Desert Rose is in full bloom giving a cheery welcome to all who come… 
Like grandchildren 5 and 6!  

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Instant Gratification

The shipment from Freia arrived yesterday afternoon. These colours of Bulky are awesome.

One ball of Bulky will make this cowl. You can make easy gifts while sitting in the car on your summer vacation.

One ball of Bulky will also make Jetsetter (pattern purchased on Ravelry)

And don’t forget about You Look Gradient.

Big, bulky scarves are going to be hot again this winter.

And there is nothing like knitting a scarf in a few evenings.

If you can’t think about Bulky right now, here is a great shawl knit with two balls of Fingering weight.

Pattern: Auburn Wave (purchased on Ravelry)
Needles: 4.5mm (this is important to get a great size shawl)

Auburn Wave is one of my favourite patterns. If you can knit, purl, increase, decrease and count to 20 then you can make this.

Can you imagine the scarf knit in Vamp? Tina knocked it out of the park with this new colour.

I gave myself a deadline to finish my shawl and I will have it finished before bed tonight. I haven’t knit this evening because Beth and I went to Terra after work. I wanted some back yard flowers.

We bought two planters for the deck and some hanging plants for the fence. Now we know that more plants are needed for the deck so we’ll be visiting Terra on Monday evening.

It’s time to knit. I’ll share pictures tomorrow. A friend came home with me to model.

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Inara Wrap

Here is another great shawl from Ambah. I debated between this one and the one that I am knitting
Pattern: Inara Wrap (pattern purchased on Ravelry)

Let Inara be the blank slate on which you paint your own personality. Select two sets of gradient yarns for a rich ombre, or mix and and match from your stash for a roadmap of your favourite tones. Diagonal columns of alternating lace and garter stitch make a strong statement without being intimidating. Included is a schematic to colour in to play with your colour scheme. Worked end to end, this long wrap can easily be shortened with fewer repeats of the pattern sequence, instructions are given for 3 lengths, with both written and charted instructions included for the lace section.

Length: Short 64”/163cm, (Medium 80”/203cm, Long 96” / 243cm) Width at centre: 18.1” / 46cm

Fingering Weight / 4-ply
S: Two Gradient sets of 4 x 125 yd / 110m, or 2 x 500 yd / 457 m single colour
M: Two Gradient sets of 5 x 125 yd / 110m or 2 x 625 yd / 572 m single colour
L: Two Gradient sets of 6 x 125 yd/110m or 2 x 750 yd / 686m single colour

Two gradient kits from Frabjous Fibers will make the medium shawl. There is another shipment of kits on the way to us (they made it to Canada Customs so we might see them on Tuesday) including

A neutral for one half of the shawl will mix well with any colour.

The possibilities are endless. I’ve already put together so many interesting combinations.

Right now I am leaning towards mixing a purple kit with a green kit.

Here is a link to the Ravelry page of people who have used the Frabjous Fibers kits…

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The Last Colour

I just finished the first section of the last colour. I took a lot of pictures but the sun wasn’t cooperating. I’m not sure if you can see the differences in the purples here but they are different. It was either too much sun or too much shade in my pictures.

My goal is to finish by Saturday. That will make it three weeks to knit the shawl.

What’s next? I’m going to try and finish this shawl for TNNA. Yes, I am dreaming. I don’t think there is a chance but I’m going to give it a go.

Pattern: Greyhound Shawl (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Mrs. Crosby Hat Box

We have a new Opal sock yarn. 

Exuberant sock stripings in colors based on paintings by renowned Austrian artist and sculptor Friedenreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000). Hundertwasser rejected the straight line and embraced bold color, organic forms and humans in harmony with nature.





Just before I hit Publish, I threw the shawl on the dining table. This shows the purple better.

Now I need to go – the TV needs my attention. We are watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee. 
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The next starflower dishcloth off the needles!  I cast on the next one already in brown and coral.
It works for a bit of a project now! 
Bill and Will picked me this magnolia blossom!  My tree is 70′ tall so it is hard to find a blossom within reach! 
It opened overnight into this full bloom that fills the whole room(s) with its aroma! 
Very heady stuff! 
This tree is in bloom, too, and it smells daintily delicious, too, but I don’t know its name!
Will likes to bring me flowers and has finally learned not to pick flowers in my front garden to share with me-we now go and look at those together! 
Pool time with Dad is pretty spectacular-Grandma’s role is to be the audience when Dad is there! 
I am excited to report two new buds on the Cereus plant!!!!
In a few weeks, I will have a fairy-worthy bloom to share with you! 
I have two leaves that are sprouting the large and small blooms, eventually the smaller ones will dry up and fall off so the leaf will only support one bloom.  Since the flower is 10″ long, it is smart that it sheds one bloom and only grows the one magnificent one!  

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Ambah O’Brien

Mix a special gradient skein with stripes and lace for the ultimate bohemian shawl experience. Yemaya is a generous asymmetrical triangular wrap with multiple wearing possibilities. While Yemaya is designed to show of a gradient yarn, this shawl will work beautifully teaming a speckle, variegated or semi solid with your two contrasting skeins.
The Yemaya Shawl is the third pattern in the 2016 Chroma Collection.

The Yemaya lace is both charted and written. The lace requires concentration and will suit an intermediate knitter with some lace experience.

Lately I’m drawn to patterns by Ambah O’Brien – she is the designer of my current project – the Lamina Wrap. I get very excited to see one of her new shawls in my “your pattern highlights” section of Ravelry.

Hello from Australia! You’ll pretty much always find me dreaming about my next favourite shawl – the accessory I most love to design, knit and wear. Otherwise I’ll be wandering about my vegetable garden, nearby bush or perhaps a little escape to the beach.

With a background in painting, I have a passion for colour and interesting design.

I design contemporary knitwear patterns, with a nod to retro and geometric design. Patterns that are straight forward to follow and fun to wear.

I sent her a message today asking if I can share her amazing work with you. She replied right away (I love it when that happens). The hard part was picking which shawl to show first.

Pattern: Yemaya Shawl (purchased on Ravelry)

Top Edge: 118” / 300 cm
Bottom Edge: 110” / 280 cm
Bind Off Edge: 45”/ 115 cm

Fingering Weight / 4-ply:
Main Colour (MC): 382 yd / 349 m
Contrasting Colour 1 (CC1): 382 yd/ 349 m
Contrasting Colour 2 (CC2): 382 yd/ 349 m

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Wannietta send me a text today that she is ready for some knitting. Yarn for Yemaya could be on the way to her soon. But it might be yarn for another shawl. I have a great one picked out for tomorrow.
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I’m Almost There

This is one of the very few projects that I started and worked on straight until it is finished. I haven’t picked up another project. Totally monogamous. :) Yes, my fingers are itching for a different project but I’m so close.

The fence is finished. Now we need to decide on our garden. The artificial grass is on the part of the yard that slopes down towards the field. The dirt part slopes back up. That is going to be a garden. I want some pretty flowers and tall grass. 

Mom and dad had an amazing time on their cruise and enjoyed their two days in Seattle. Sunday afternoon they visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Yes, I am jealous. Chihuly’s work is amazing. They wandered around for three hours. Here are a few of the pictures that mom took. They highly recommend visiting if you are in Seattle.

I think this would look awesome in our back yard :)

Hockey and baseball are on so it’s time to knit. I’m almost there.
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We Interrupt this Life….

Will is in the house! 
He needed a place of refuge.
We found a swallowtail butterfly. 
He’s prettier on the under side!  He has died so we could really check him out on our walk.
Will likes golf cart rides, tractor rides and walks. 
I’m just one step ahead of him!  But he fell asleep while I was making dinner tonight!
This is hard work.

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Happy Victoria Day

A holiday weekend means lots of knitting. I’m almost finished. Three more sections of this purple and then four sections of a different purple.

Beth cast of her latest scarf before heading to the golf course this morning

Yarn: Zauberball Crazy – 2 balls of 2 different colours
Needles: 3.25mm, 40cm

This scarf is 80 stitches. It is knit in the round so you only have right sides to the scarf. No checking and rechecking to make sure the good side is showing. Knit 2 rows of colour A, then 2 rows of colour B. Continue until out of yarn. Beth is really enjoying her mindless knitting and has another scarf cast on.

My flowers on the front porch are blooming nicely. This week Beth and I are heading to the garden center for planters for the deck. We thought about going this morning but I was afraid that Terra would be jammed.

The bad thing about a long weekend – fireworks. Poor Melo has had a bad few evenings and there will be more tonight. He shakes and shakes. We can’t get him settled until after they stop. Hopefully with school tomorrow they won’t go too late.

My plan was to write last night but he needed my attention. I sat on the couch and he had his head in my lap. It didn’t stop the shaking but it did stop the pacing. He does laps around the house.

Now to get a few more rows knit before it’s dark.
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