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Birthday Fun!

 Early morning work.
 We enjoyed a birthday scavenger hunt around my parents train house!
 The kids had so much fun following their map!  
We had fun following the kids!
Ella needed a new Elsa dress since she outgrew her last one!
 Eli liked being on his new trike using the ground instead of the pedals for now!
After the party, we went home and did some treasure hunting-
Bill is grateful I am cleaning up his yard!

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Ambah O’Brien Mystery KAL

It’s always a good day when new yarn arrives.

From Lang

Our classic amongst the multi-coloured yarns: now in a wheel-like cake. With the 200g presentation you will have fewer breaks in the colour sequence. The latest shades display more matte-shiny effects and even more complex colour combinations. You will be enchanted!

50% virgin wool
50% acrylic
380m in a 200gram cake
6-7mm needles
$40 a cake

One cake will make the hat, cowl and fingerless gloves. The pattern is purchased on Ravelry.


Wendy Evolution kits arrived earlier this week.

Scarf/shawl kit in a box. Super soft, hand knotted colour changing yarn (the colour change is produced by dyeing each colour separately and then hand tying set lengths of yarn together), packaged to work straight from the box.

Ambah O’Brien is hosting a Mystery KAL starting the beginning of February.

Choose 3 skeins of gorgeous sock yarn and head over here to join Ambah and friends in a fun mystery knit-a-long. Over 6 weeks, four clues will reveal a shawl, that will keep you guessing. Enjoy the company of others as you solve the mystery and finish yours on time to be in the running to win some great prizes.

Ambah is one of my favourite designers and we have lots of her shawls hanging in the store. Her patterns are very well written and I highly suggest joining the fun. Here is a link to her designs on Ravelry so you can see her work…

I’m almost finished the sixth colour on Find Your Fade. A bit of knitting tonight and then lots on the weekend. I hope to have it finished by Sunday evening. Speaking of Sunday evening – the next season of Homeland is starting. 
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 Isn’t this the sweetest little lap blanket?!
 It has been a bit of a week-we burst an old lead pipe under the sink.  (This is Bill’s pic of the hole he had to chip out of the cement block under the sink so he could repair it.
While it was hard for us to reach, it wasn’t hard for the water to leak under the cupboards and into our flooring.
I will save that saga for another day.
 This is how I did dishes this week…….in the tub!  
At least it wasn’t in the creek!
 I tried out a new Accuquilt die called LeMoyne Star.
It looked complicated but when you broke down the components, it was very enjoyable!
These blocks will be made using scraps from the stash with the others doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge with Angela on her blog.  This month’s color is purple!  I’m working on my drawing plan but wanted to jump in and get lost sewing with the week we’ve had!)
 Four little blocks sewn together and I had it!
Bill finished the plumbing job just in time to make dinner!
It was so nice to work in a kitchen with water and a drain!
He even saved the pieces he had to cut out of the back of the cabinet so he could put them back.
I cannot begin to mention the blessing of having a handy husband!
(Oh, and during one of the trips to the hardware store for supplies, the car battery died.
Bill got a ‘jump’ from a helpful stranger and went and bought a new battery for it.
My Dad came and put it in for Bill so he could stay on course with the drain pipe!
What a day!

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New Store Sample

Diana was busy over the Christmas holidays and made a new sample for the store.

Pattern: Kallara (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Hedgehog Skinny Singles – 1 skein each of Naive and Boombox

Go subtle or go bold with this fun shawl. Opt for gentle stripes for a neutral shawl, perfect for any occasion, then knit another in your favourite brights, neons, gradient or speckled hues teamed with a strong solid for a show-stopping accessory.
Kallara features a slightly asymmetrical, shallow triangular shape with long tapered ends. Sitting comfortably on the shoulders without too much bulk, it’s adaptable enough to be worn as a wrap, shawl, or scarf.

I asked Lynn to put it on so we could see how it looked and she didn’t take it off.

If I don’t get my knitting finished for next week then I’ll take this to wear.
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A Finished Hat

 This 5th Striped Aviator Hat is for my little miss in Seattle.
I already cast one just like it for her sister!
(I decided to use a code for the stripes of these two hats-
I have used my zip code to decide the striping pattern, read from the bottom up!)
 Little Lena knows how to pick the best spot in the evening! 
While it isn’t going to freeze again, it is a very chilly and damp 40 and the fires feels good-
THIS good!

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Contemplative Piecing

 I usually take a few days to get over missing Will when he goes home.
We had a great week together!
I spent some hours piecing these miniature blocks.
They measure only 4 1/2″.
It was just the kind of mental exercise I needed.
I also pieced the rest of the circle blocks to the central section of the panel quilt.
I cut the outer borders but need to apply them, too.
Another day……..

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Single Ply

Freia Fibers has discontinued their Ombre Fingering yarn so we are marking it down in the store and online – 20% off. The yarn was $40 a ball – now $32 a ball.

Freia Ombré Fingering is a gorgeous single ply that is available in wonderful ombre colors. As your project progresses, the color will change. Great for interesting garments and accessories

75% wool
25% nylon
75 grams
294 m

We used 2 balls and 4.5mm needles to make Auburn Wave (pattern purchased on Ravelry)

Here are some more pattern suggestions

Dangling Conversation
Quaker Yarn Stretcher
Quaker Lines
Crazy Magic Boomerang
Crazy Magic (Classic Cowl)
Crazy Magic Bias

It’s wool and nylon so you can make socks with it as well. 

We received 3 new colours of Malabrigo Mechita today.




From Malabrigo

We liked Mecha so much, we hit it with a shrink ray! Mechita is a fingering-weight version of our beautifully-dyed single-ply superwash yarn. Just as soft and rich as the original, but great for lighter projects!

Great for: Shawls, scarves, garments, accessories, baby and kids items, lace, cables, textured stitches.

384m (420 yards) on a 100gram skein
100% superwash merino wool

Mechita is a single ply yarn – I’m kind of addicted to those. Merino light. Hedgehog Skinny Singles. Zen Serenity Silk Singles.

A parcel went to Lynda today with three skeins of Mechita. The project is a secret until it’s finished but I’m pretty sure it will be a hit.

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Another Freeze

 We woke up to a gloomy 61F this morning but it didn’t take long for the wind, drizzles and temperatures to show us a front was moving in and not a balmy one at that!
(I am pleased to say that Will slept undisturbed through the 2 hours of thunder and lightning during the night but sad to say,  Lena did not!)  The temperatures are reflecting this cold snowy front moving through our nation and while we will not even begin to compare with those storms up north, it is a bit of a jolt for us.  Bill started a fire tonight after he worked this afternoon to protect all of our plants and flowers moving all the ones that could be moved close to the house in preparation for the freeze warnings for tonight! 
 I enjoyed the close of the day with some knitting time.  Simple vanilla socks in the Gumball Handpaint Stroll fingering yarn from KnitPicks.  The colors are short repeats and they flow like briefly appearing rainbows under my fingers……….
While the robins remind me that it is warmer here than where they came from, we all find it a bit less than tropical at the moment!
(These guys are late this year and while the yard has been filling up with these birds, they haven’t come close enough for me to photo them.  While this isn’t the best pic, it is proof they are here!
And the yard is so joyfully cheerful with all their chatter and chirping!
Welcome, snowbirds!

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21 Color Slouch

We’ve been waiting and they’re finally on the way. The shipment is at the FedEx depot in Burlington and I’m hoping we’ll see it on Monday.

The 21 Color Slouch from Blue Sky Fibers. The kit contains 21 mini skeins of Woolstok and the pattern to make the hat.

100% Fine Highland Wool
Rich in character with excellent stitch definition and easy to work with, this yarn is available in lots of colors. You’ll quickly cozy up to it, no doubt.

I’m a big fan of Woolstok. It is great to knit with and the finished project blocks out beautifully.

Wendy Evolution kits should be arriving on Monday or Tuesday as well.

Scarf/shawl kit in a box. Super soft, hand knotted colour changing yarn (the colour change is produced by dyeing each colour separately and then hand tying set lengths of yarn together), packaged to work straight from the box.

It’s hard to believe but the Frolic will be here before we know it. Mark your calendars and watch for updates on the Knitters Frolic Facebook Page.
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Stocking up for Winter!

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to help a knitting friend clean out her Etsy stock so they can refresh it, I succumbed to a yarn order! 
Check out their store for some wonderful yarn!
 This one for the sheer joy of knitting with the cashmere!
 This skein because I love the colors!
 Isn’t this the cleverest little package?  They are a number of little balls to use when knitting scrap yarn socks or the sock blankets!
 See how it will add to the palette of scraps I have!
 This is all that I have on my little lap blanket;  I wanted Araignee to see I wear crocs, too! lol
I like do it and the extra yarns are going to be added to the mix I have so that it will stretch out the colors!
(I use a 40 stitch total row to begin my squares and attach as I knit)

And there is an adorable kitty paw print stitch marker!!

That is a wonderful bonus of customer service!

And this is the main attraction to my day-Boy Wonder and his wonderful ‘Ideas!”

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