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Hello Vegas

The flight to Vegas this morning was good. A bit rough but I knit the whole way. Cathy’s bag is the perfect size. Three 50gram skeins of sock yarn. Needles. Pattern. A small bag of pretzels. Everything you need when traveling. 

The view from my room isn’t very good this time but there won’t be much time in the room. It is grey and raining. And only 8C. Not much better than at home.

Tonight is an early night. My flight to San Jose leaves at 6:45 in the morning. Then I’ll be running to see everything. And get lots of pictures. I’m getting excited!
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Another FO

It’s finished. All the ends are sewn in. I love it. I was going to take it with me but I’ve left it hanging in the store.

Pattern: Building Blocks (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: 4 skeins of tosh merino light

Mr. FedEx brought in two huge boxes from Blue Sky Fibers this afternoon.

We are well stocked on Royal Petites.

100% Royal Alpaca. There are 91m on a 35gram ball and you need 2 balls to make any of these great accessories.

The Countess Mitts.

The Catherine Cowl.

The Buckingham Hat.

I’ve knit with the Royal Petites and the yarn feels great in your hands. It feels even better when you wear it.

Wow. The instructors for the Toronto Knitters Frolic look amazing!
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New Arrivals

A newsletter went out this morning. Before it goes I have Beth look at it to make sure there aren’t any mistakes. She saw the 21 Color Slouch from Blue Sky Fibers and asked me to bring her a kit. Expensive proof reading :)

Magnetic Boards are back in stock. We received just a few and more are coming next week.

This indispensable pattern holder is a handy way to keep and display patterns and charts while working on a project. Useful for all knitters, but a “must-have” for lace knitters, especially
Convenient tool for keeping patterns close and easy to read
Easy to fold and unfold for storage; Lays flat when folded
Can stand upright when folded open, vertically or horizontally
Snap closure insures that materials inside stay neat and put
Extremely strong magnets keep patterns and/or charts in place
One extra long magnet strip also works as an indicator guide
Handy pocket holds patterns and charts
Pen pocket keeps marker close at hand
Black poly-jacquard fabric is sturdy and easy to keep clean

A very large box of Opal sock yarn arrived today.



Now it’s time for laundry. I need to start thinking about what’s going into the suitcase tomorrow night.
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 This was the scenery for our weekly gathering for knitting together yesterday. 
 Isn’t it stunning?  
Her home nestles next to Lake Como and provided a wonderfully restful view for us from her living room!
This is my friend, Linda, my Mom and me!
We get together every week rotating homes and having a wonderful afternoon.
And became very silly when trying to take a selfie!
I did work on this-a sock out of Gumball colored KnitPicks Stroll.
I am using a new cuff of k3p1 which is not intuitive for me but I am sticking with it so that the leg looks like stockinette but has some hug of ribbing!

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Madelinetosh is getting ready to dye an order for us. It is going to be big. 1550 skeins. That’s a lot of yarn.

Here are a few of the new colours coming in merino light.


Bronze Age





February is going to be a big month for shipments. Hedgehog is getting ready to dye our next order. LITLG. Lorna’s Laces…

I’m going to be a responsible person and finish a project on my trip. This is the 3 Color Cashmere Cowl in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. There will be knitting on the plane but not much during the trip. I think there could be some yarn coming home from the show as well so I’ll have something for the ride home should I finish the cowl. How do you like my bag? It was a Christmas gift from Cathy – she made it. She’s been hoarding the knitting fabric and I was lucky to be the recipient of some. It’s the perfect size for plane knitting.
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Youngest son said he really misses having an afghan to cuddle under for a nap.
He has lots of quilts from me and from his wife’s grandma but he forgot how nice a roomy afghan could be after napping after mine.
(I will admit, mine is a relic made when he was about 9 or 10 years old and he is now 30!)
Mom and I took that old one and figured out how it was made since I couldn’t find the little pamphlet I used to make it!
After a bit of trial and error, we have the medallions in working order!
We bought 5 large skeins of Red Heart yarn which is good for afghans, split them up by winding up cakes for each of us to churn out these squares-I figure we each have 70-75 to make!
(The colors are all the colors the ocean appears and we bought sand for the color to crochet all the squares together at their completion!)

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An Accidental Remodel!

 The two little Striped Aviator Hats are finished for my two little misses in Washington State where they are experiencing – WINTER!
(Size 4 and 2)

I decided to go with ties on their hats because it is cold and they would need to secure their hats better than my Florida grands.  I love this little machinery to crank out the I-cords in mere minutes!

 After the leaking pipe ordeal, the flooring all looks and feels like a scrub board.  Since we have to pull it all up and replace it, we talked over a little thing we wished we had done 4 years ago when the kitchen was totally overhauled and didn’t think of then.

 And that was to rip out this partial wall dividing the kitchen and the family room.   Since it wasn’t a  support wall, it could go and now it has!  Of course, all of the walls in the old part of the house are cement block which makes for an interesting removal.  Dad and Bill are well acquainted with the challenge and made fast work of it!

 The sheetrock was stripped and the sledge hammer work began!

 No, more like piece by piece they carried each block out after Bill nudged them off their mortar!

 By early afternoon  we were looking at this-open and roomy!  What a great way to make the kitchen a better place to work in! (We are going to be adding a small island counter on wheels to place it wherever it would be needed!)  Bill has to change the placement of the water lines to the refrigerator and fill in the sheetrock on the ceiling and the wall behind the cabinet-he likes the wall knocking out kind of project, not the finishing work kind of ones! Tough shanoogies, says I!  Oh, yes, we have to replace the flooring, too! lol)

 The cats all gave the new arrangement quite a going over-different is not always acceptable to them!

Baby Lena says her world has been turned upside down but she would like it anyway as long as there is food and milk!
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There will be a new yarn coming our way in February.

Life in the Long Grass

We are an Irish artisan hand dyed yarn and art studio in the countryside in Ireland. I am a keen knitter and was taught to knit and crochet by my Mum and our crafty neighbour Mrs Ryan. I love working with natural fibres and incorporate them in our home and what we wear as much as possible.

We worked as a graphic designer (Caroline) and architect (Jonny) in London and Spain before moving back to Ireland and living in the countryside – from there it was a natural transition to take our love of colour, art and design and apply it to our love of yarn.

All the yarn in our first shipment will be Fine Sock 75/25

75% Superwash Merino & 25% Nylon, 4ply Fingering weight yarn, 425m (467 yards) and 100g

75/25 4ply yarn is smooth, soft and the most durable sock yarn making it the perfect choice for all projects:  socks, baby clothing, shawls, cardigans, and sweaters.  The softness and drape is fab next to the skin.

As I was downloading the pictures of the yarn for the website I kept thinking to myself “that would look beautiful in Find Your Fade.”

There will be semi-solid colourways as well.

This is just a sample of the great colours coming. There will be 13 mottled colours and 15 solids. Watch for updates here and on our Instagram account – needleemporium.

I cast off the last stitch just as the football game was ending. Tomorrow we’ll sew in the ends and then I’ll get more pictures.
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I made it to the last colour. Two football games, hockey and golf have been perfect for knitting. I have less than 30 rows and it’s finished.

I was going to write about a new yarn coming in February but now it’s late so I’m just going to give you a teaser and I’ll tell more tomorrow.

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