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Last Day Savor

 Lena enjoyed our slow start to the day and helped with the knitting occasionally.
 I’m ready to begin the crown of Mendia Hat #2;  much easier this time!
 The Dee’s Sock is moving right along and the Top Cat yarn is so luscious to work with!

 Today was the first day Abigail felt like getting up and joining us in socializing-she has spent all week sick with the bug that has permeated our group!  (David and I are the only ones to escape!)

 Even though Bill felt rotten, he took David fishing with Linda’s husband, Chuck .  They took Chuck’s boat and headed out on different waterways then we have explored so it was a double good time.

                  They didn’t catch any Tilapia as they hoped but they did spot these manatees!

                                             We had a wonderful, crazy and precious week.
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Rainbows in the Gorge

The pattern is finished. It is called Rainbows in the Gorge and the designer is Sarah Keller. It won’t be available to purchase on Ravelry until next weekend. But I’ve worked out a deal to get advance copies. If you purchase the yarn we can sell you the pattern.

The cardigan is pictured in a So Fond of Rainbows kit. We are out of this colourway but it will be back in stock on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

We have one of the Enchanted Woodland kit in stock right now. This is the colourway that Lynda is knitting. More of these will be in the shipment as well.

Order the yarn and pattern and we will hold for you to pick up or ship to you later this week when the kits arrive. There will be free shipping on the kit.

You need 20 Cheshire Cat mini skeins for the cardigan. From Sarah

Arrange your 20 rainbow colors in the order of your choosing; sweater is worked from cuff to cuff, from C1 at cuff to C16 at center back, then in reverse from C16 back to C1 at opposite cuff. C17-20 are used in the shawl collar. Cut each yarn after changing color.

I have thought of something different if you aren’t fond of these colours. Use 2 mini skein kits (2 of each colour).

You can fade light grey to dark grey and then dark brown to light brown. This gives you 10 colours. Then you will start again at light grey and work to dark grey and then use the dark brown. That is your 16 colours. Your shawl collar will be 4 shades of brown. This is just one suggestion – I can come up with many more ways to combine these kits.

Or you can do something a bit more daring. Take 4 different kits and combine them. Here are 2 different options I came up with this afternoon. I didn’t open the kits for fear of getting them back in the wrong package. Imagine throwing the skeins on the table and rearranging them. I think both of these combinations would make a great cardigan.

Lynn tried the Linen Stitch Scarf on this morning and never took it off. It looks grey with her Remy Poncho.

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Colour Me Happy

We have a new Linen Stitch Scarf in the store. Lynda knit this for us and it looks amazing.

You need the pattern from Churchmouse Yarns (available on Ravelry or in the store) and then we did a few modifications.
-cast on 550 stitches
-work one row of each colour – that way you don’t need to cut the yarn

Yarn: Malabrigo Mechita – one skein each of Sheri, English Rose and Musas

We had some left over yarn. You can make the scarf longer or wider if you choose. You can also use the leftovers to make a fringe.

Lynda is working away on the cardigan using the So Fond of Rainbows set. I can’t wait to see it finished.

Ms. UPS brought in an awesome box from Mrs. Crosby today. The new colours are so much better in person!

I mixed some Mrs. Crosby Train Case and Lorna’s Laces Solemate to make up Find Your Fade combinations.

There hasn’t been much knitting this week. I’m going to sit and work on my Ambah MKAL tonight. No paperwork. No phone calls. No Ravelry. Only knitting. I’m almost finished Clue 2 and Clue 3 should be coming out tonight.
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Move it Along!

 I finished the quilting on the long overdue lap quilt!
 What a great feeling to be done after a 10 year bin sit! lol
I hurriedly took it from the frame so we could load up the baby quilt!
 We’ve got to finish it tomorrow!
The quilt is trimmed and the binding all ready to attach when Marsel does the frame work.
It’s nice to have a plan!
And this evening, we knit……….

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 David and Bill did a bit of cloudy day fishing.  Bill caught two and David is still waiting for his big catch!
(they were fishing on knitting friend, Linda’s, dock)
 I finished another water painting;  this one of the American Robin.
My teacher asked that I take part in a showing for the Audubon Society and, of course, I had to try since I love to do birds!
 David and Will did a bit of treasure hunting and found something quite amazing;
an axe head!
It is quite large and heavy!
We had fun wondering how old it could be–
Native American?
It was fun to laugh and wonder and after all-he wondering is part of the thrill of the hunt!

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Mrs. Crosby has been busy. Her new colours are amazing!! We will have them in the store late tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve heard rumour that the colours are named after men from her past. I will try and pin her down on this the next time she is in town.

We received a shipment today from Loopy Mango. We needed 35mm needles and to top up our Big Loop. In the box was a hat kit for the Food Drive Prize Basket. The kit includes one ball of yarn, the pattern and the needles all packed in a cute box. I was given a sample ball at TNNA that is the same colour and same lot. I’m adding it too – now a pompom can be added to the hat.

I tried finding a picture of the kit on line and came across this Nantucket Throw picture. Now I want this colour. The next order :)

Imagine a weekend away with someone cooking your meals and making your bed. Oh yeah, you also get to knit all weekend!!

Today I worked on the Camp brochure and it should be ready this weekend. The workshop on Friday is going to be amazing. I want to take it.

Take a look at the Camp blog…

I’m at the point on Ambah’s MKAL that I need a longer cord on my needle. No problem. I have interchangeable Addi tips and cords at home. Not a problem until you start looking. I have one 3.75mm tip. How is that possible? I’ll continue tonight and get new tips tomorrow. It was a lot easier when I lived above the store :)
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Baby Quilt

Look what”s on the design wall!
This is a multi-generational project my Mom, Marsel and I are working on this week!
We are piecing it now and deciding what we will do for another border or not as we go-stay tuned!
(My sister’s daughter is the recipient for enquiring minds!)

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Luxury Sock

 This is the delicious sock yarn with cashmere that I purchased from Wandering Cat Yarns just after Christmas.
I finally cleared my knitting projects so I could cast on a pair of socks!  
I only managed to cast on and knit the toe during Tuesday’s Knitting Session today but I did it!
Now to decide if they will be plain shorty socks or a bit more detailed!
We are all discussing what color this yarn is-
denim blue or lavender-ish?!
I’m enjoying it slipping through my fingers no matter what!

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I had to cast on

Here’s a great new pattern by Tabetha Hendrick for SweetGeorgia yarns.

Pattern: Cumberland (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: A Party of Five kit from SweetGeorgia Yarns

With lace that is decadently simple and a construction that flows, this crescent-shaped shawl is the epitome of delight and comfort. Knitters of every level will savor stitches that ease through the beautiful colour gradients.

A favourite cowl in the store is the Coors Cowl. Today’s Web-Letter from Classic Elite featured the cowl knit in new colours. This is a free pattern that you can download on Ravelry.

The Coors Cowl by Annissa George (owner of Stitch House Dorchester, an LYS in Boston), has been a favorite CEY project since we first published it in our Web-Letter in early 2013 Issue 273. One hank each of five colors makes this generously sized squishy cowl worked in simple seed stitch.

The original version was worked in undyed Chalet. We now have colorful Chateau and tweedy Palace to mix and match with Chalet for endless color combinations. Our new version is knit in: Palace 5509 Teal, Palace 5504 Lichen, Chalet 7438 Chestnut, Palace 5567 Mermaid and Palace 5578 Sienna. Pictured below are a few more possible combinations.

Orchid Field: Chalet 7477 Charcoal, Chateau 1497 Moss, Chateau 1419 Dusty Rose, Palace 5554 Orchid and Chalet 7443 Adobe

Sunrise: Chateau 1431 Periwinkle, Palace 5554 Orchid, Palace 5557 Powder Blue, Chateau 1419 Dusty Rose and Chateau1447 Stormy Sky

Here’s a sneak peek at the new colours coming from Hedgehog at the end of February/beginning of March.




The Invisible Project Bag will also be in the shipment.

The perfect project bag to show off your colourful skeins! Lightweight yet sturdy. Roomy enough for a larger project, it’ll hold multiple balls of yarn easily. We think this is the best, most versatile project bag and it’s a favourite of all of our staff. This bag is designed to stand up on it’s own. Material: Transparent PVC. Easily cleaned with mild detergent. Not machine washable. Height: 37cm, Width: 28cm, Gusset: 10cm. Pointed gold coloured studs. Comes with a detachable laser etched perspex Hedgehog Fibres tag.

I can’t wait to see them in person.

A newsletter went out this afternoon. If you didn’t receive it (we’re still trying to figure this out) then you can see it here. 

I couldn’t help myself. I cast on another Find Your Fade this afternoon. This time I’m using LITLG. The yarn is very nice to knit with. I really needed to try the yarn to make sure it was of the highest quality if I’m going to sell it :)  LOL! I can justify anything.

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Mendia Hat

I struggled with this pattern;  it has a new stitch and the tutorial they provide was a bit obtuse.
The rhythm of the new stitch soon made itself clear after I work a bit and I am so glad I stuck to it!
This is the medium size and it has a lot of stretch since the ribbing continues up the whole hat.
It fits me just fine so I would call the middle size medium.
I used some left over DK weight yarn on # 6 needles.
I liked it so much, I am casting on another one!

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