A new yarn is on the way from Classic Elite.

On-trend soft and pastel colors show the subtle tweed component of this sister yarn to Chalet and Chateau. The same wonderful fiber and chainette construction will work together in stripes and colorblocks with Chalet and Chateau.   

What can you make with Palace? How about the Remy Poncho (pattern purchased on Ravelry)?

Going to the Knitters’ Fair? I just saw this on their website today

With all the construction in the area right now, it’s best to plan your route ahead of time! Note that Ottawa St is closed South of King St, so crossing town can be difficult.

We will be updating the website with even more accurate directions just before the Fair. So much of KW traffic flow is disrupted due to LRT construction, and it changes so frequently, that it’s difficult to know how to get around town from one day to the next! Our intrepid volunteers will be scouting the area around the Aud on the week of the Fair, to give attendees the most current information possible. Check the Guild website just before the Fair

Although we encourage you to volunteer to get free entry to the K-W Knitters’ Fair, we understand that not everyone who is coming is able to help out. But wouldn’t you still like to get into the Fair for free?
We are holding a contest on Facebook and Twitter to give away 4 free passes for sharing news of our event! This contest is open to everyone except vendors at the Fair. Here are the rules:

  • On Facebook, (here is the link) comment on our post to tell us what you’re most excited about for the KW Knitters’ Fair this year. Share our post for an extra entry.
  • On Twitter, tweet what you’re excited about at The KWFair with #KWFairExcitement. Retweet our post for an extra entry.

Winners will be selected on September 5th at 9pm EST, using to randomly select from the comments, shares, tweets, or retweets. Winners will be notified by private message.

I finished the cast off on my Eccentric Chevron Wrap this afternoon. We’ll get pictures tomorrow. Tonight I’m going back to Outline. I hope to have it finished for the Fair – fingers crossed the Hedgehog order will be arriving late next week.
Source: Looms

Sand Pear Sauce

These are NOT Bartlett pears….these are Sand Pears.
They are ready to be picked;  Millie has a tree and graciously shares it with me.
You can’t eat these fresh from the tree;  it is like biting into wood-hard and grainy. 
The peel feels like sand is under his skin.  They are hard and never soften until they are over-ripe and rotten.  It was hard to make friends with this fruit until I learned how to use them!
You cut off the top and bottom and peel the skin off and cut the sides from the core… 
…a lot of times, 
So that you have a nice pile of chunks, 
You place them in a pan with a little water and sugar and simmer like you would for fresh applesauce… 
You will end up with a delightful pear-ish tasting sauce that is delicious warm or cold!
Nice to enjoy a regional harvest!
What fresh fruit are you enjoying now?

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Cupcakes and Glasgow

Lorna’s Laces Solemate – Glasgow

The Knitters’ Fair is less that two weeks away and Camp is less than a month. Yesterday was my last Monday off so I spent a lot of time on both.

There was a bunch of printing – the printer said Thank You when I left the house to run errands. And there were quite a few errands. I got home, ate dinner and then it was time for our fantasy football draft. No knitting at all. :(

I was briefly at the store to water the flowers and Mr. UPS stopped by. There was a big box from Lorna’s Laces. Glasgow in Solemate is back in stock. The colour is amazing! And we have Cupcake. This colour is exclusive to us.

Yak and merino blend for squishable luxury in worsted weight Arietta. Available in a palette of soft mid tones that blend beautifully in stripes and colorblocks.

Relaxed and casual, this pullover is worked from the bottom up in the round to the underarm then divided, and the back and front are worked separately. Decorative eyelets and decreases adorn the front. Drop shoulder sleeves are picked up from the body and worked to the cuff.

The Funnel Neck Pullover is a free pattern in this week’s Classic Elite Web-Letter

I’m home from work and Beth is making dinner. Then it’s an evening of knitting. I have so many projects that need to be finished in the next week.
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Post Modern

Millie’s contemporary quilt is off my frame and ready to be delivered to her today.  
I’m sorry to have it finished because it was so enjoyable to work on! 
(The 60″  72″ quilt wouldn’t fit in my ph camera lense at this close range!)
I will be branching out on the next quilt I load on also!

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Knitters’ Fair

I’m so close. We were watching The Good Wife on Saturday evening and I got to the cast off row. I thought that late on a Saturday night wasn’t a good time to cast off over 500 stitches. They have to be even and not too tight. A clear head was necessary.

I went back to my Endless Wrap. I just finished the fifth skein, four to go. I got so into it yesterday that I didn’t cast off the other shawl.

Ms. Lucy loves it when Beth puts the hose on. She tries to bite the water and they make a game of it. Then they go inside and snuggle while Beth rubs her dry. Beth send this picture with the caption

We had fun splash time with the hose. She looks huge in this picture!

I’m stuck in the house this morning (they are sealing the driveway and front steps) so I’m getting working on the Knitters’ Fair.

Here are some of my tips if this is your first time heading to the show.

– trust me, there is lots of yarn. If you don’t like lines or crowds, wait until noon to come. There will still be lots for you to see. If booths sell out of something, most are more than willing to ship it to you after the show
– bring lunch with you. Then you don’t have to stand in line.
– wear something that you have knit. It’s always fun to see completed projects.
– if you see something you like, mark down the booth you saw it in. I can’t tell you how many times we get frantic people at the end of the day because they forgot where they saw something
– go through your Ravelry library and make notes of yarn that you are interested in. If there is a certain pattern, print that pattern and bring it with you. Also bring information on the yarn. What it’s made of. Tension. Yardage. That will make it easier for me and other booths to help you substitute. When you come in the store I can do it on the computer but we have limited Internet access at the show.
– please have patience.
– the Fair isn’t just for knitters. It is put on by a knitting guild – hence the name. Crocheters please come to the show. There is lots of fabulous yarns that you and your hooks will have fun working with.
Source: Looms

Perfect Summer Recipe for Winter Eating

Fresh tomatoes are abundant in the Summer, so it’s a perfect time to make Thaddeus’ Roasted Tomato Soup in great quantities to freeze for long, cold Winters.

Recipe – Roasted Tomato Soup

This recipe makes about 2 gallons of tomato soup, and it is an incredibly rich, satisfying soup during the Winter.

Preparing this soup is equipment-intensive, so make sure you have the necessary equipment before starting this recipe…but it’s worth it…year after year, having hot, full-flavor tomato soup to enjoy over the Winter is incredibly satisfying.

The recipe can use any kind of fresh tomato from your local farmer’s stand.  Thaddeus has recently found a place that will sell us 25 pounds of heirloom tomatoes for $30…we keep some of the best tomatoes for excellent Summer eating, and use the remainder for soup.  Many farm markets will sell you “seconds”…the slightly overripe or bruised tomatoes they can’t sell…these work very well in the recipe as well.

Recipe – Makes about 2 gallons of Soup
About 20 pounds of fresh tomatoes
2 large white onions
1 head garlic (peeled)
3 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Smoked Paprika (either sweet or hot is fine…whichever you prefer)
2 Teaspoons Seasonella (an Italian seasoned salt that useful in all cooking, but not for topical use)
Optional: Vegetable or Chicken stock if the soup is too thick

Large roasting (with high sides)
2.5 gallon (or larger) stock pot
Heavy-duty blender (Vitamix)
Foley Food Mill
Freezer storage containers (in a size convenient for reheating portions for you or your household)

Drizzle olive oil on bottom of roasting pan, and layer coarsely chopped onions and garlic on bottom of pan. Cut tomatoes in quarters and put into large roasting pan on top of onions and garlic cloves until roasting pan is completely full.

Put the roasting pan in the oven at 300º Fahrenheit for about 5 hours.

In batches (never fill the blender over two-thirds full of hot tomatoes), pulverized the roasted tomatoes and onions and garlic in the blender.

Pour the pulverized/roasted tomato mixture into the Foley food mill, and mill the mixture over large stock pot (removing pulp, skin and seeds that didn’t get pulverized).

Add Seasonella and smoked paprika to resulting soup and simmer on low heat for an hour.

Enjoy some immediately and freeze the remainder for a lasting memory of the Summer’s tomato harvest!

Current Knitting

I finished the Bias Scarf and started a second one because I loved how it turned out so well.

I love this design…especially using the Superfine alpaca.  The resulting scarf is luxuriously soft and very lofty and warm.  I’ll look forward to wearing this scarf all Winter.

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Never Too Old to Learn a New Trick

I am loving the quilting on this modern style quilt.  It is my first one to do like this.  It’s working out pleasurably, yippee! 
Today I went to a watercolor class.  Understand, I learn something new by myself not in a class setting.  It has been a long time since I took a class but it was so inspiring.
This picture is only half done…I had to wait for the basket and the left side to dry before I could add more detail;  it is homework because I am going again next month! 
This one was done with a different technique and I had to draw….it is so intimidating to put pencil to that big blank paper!!!!
I learned to be its friend!
I know I am a rookie, but I sure did love what I learned and can’t wait for next month’s lesson! 
On the home front, Bill and I have been working on the front gardens.
They so easily get overgrown so we thinned and defined and got it ready for adding mulch. 
The sun really bakes this front garden so the mulch helps to keep the roots moist and not parched when it is bare like this. 
We trimmed down the prickly pear cactus, too, and it is much more manageable now.
The mulch can’t come soon enough! 
Friday, we visited Daytona Beach for our run to Sam’s and to JoAnn’s for restocking and then we reward ourselves with the NY style pizza from Saldo’s Pizza in Ormond Beach on the way home.
They have the largest slices I have ever seen!   
We had a little rain and a beautiful rainbow over our house then we got home….it is a wonderful reminder of God’s love!

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Rita visited this morning and brought in her latest project to show off. It’s awesome.

Pattern: Margo (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: tosh vintage
Rita knit the larger size and used every bit of 5 skeins. Her colour is Jasper.

Margo Poncho uses aran/bulky-weight yarn and is worked flat, in two pieces (front and back), and attached at the shoulders using the three needle bind-off technique (so it’s completely seamless!). Front and back sides are buttoned together. Both the front and back feature an easy faux cable stitch pattern that is fun and interesting to knit (they look similar to cables but are actually created with just slipped stitches and yarn overs). The back piece is longer than the front, creating a more modern silhouette.

We have something very special coming next week. Lorna’s Laces dyed a colour of Solemate exclusively for us.

They named it Cupcake. Now I’m hungry :)

Solemate was originally made as a sock yarn but we’ve used it for scarves and shawls too.
Source: Looms

50 Loom Knitted Stuffed Animal Pattern Collection

For the past 3 months I have been working on this book, it will contain my old patterns from the past 4 years revamped, and about 20 new patterns. All of a total of 50 patterns. The book will also include some of my past special instructions on enlarging patterns, designing patterns, looms and yarns to use, how to make eyes, what kinds of fillings are optional, cleaning, and much more. It will be a 196 page book. Animals all but 2 patterns are done in the 24 peg loom format. Each pattern is rated in skill level as well. Photo tutorials for techniques and stitches so that you don’t have to have video footage to make the animals. Older footage, if available, will be placed as links in the book in the “Video Index” 

Right now the book is in editing and will be sold on Ravelry, CinDwood, and Amazon in PDF format. It will be sold in paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace. I plan on doing a special when the book is ready and in print to do 40 copies signed and come with a single animal that was made for the book for a special price. My tentative plan is for the book to be about $30 and for signature copies with animals $60. Please keep an eye on this post for when the book will be available.

Feel free to take a look below at the collections that will be involved in the book!!!

Here are some photos of what will be shown inside the book for loom and yarn options, before and after cleaning in certain yarns, eye options available and much more.

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So Close

I spent the afternoon knitting with the hopes of finishing my shawl. Almost. I think I have about 10 more rows. It doesn’t seem like a lot but each row is over 500 stitches.

In between rows I’ve been taking a closer look at the new Rowan magazine. Rowan #60 has some interesting sweaters knit in Cocoon.

This wonderful soft roving British yarn is a designer’s dream. Made from a blend of merino wool and kid mohair, it creates beautiful textured and cable stitches and lovely striping and pattern effects.

If the yarn interests you but these patterns don’t, Rowan published a magazine for Cocoon (The Cocoon Collection) which is out of print but you can purchase the book or individual patterns on Ravelry…

This is Cheri from the Cocoon Collection – it was my Olympic project one year.

I’ve been asked for more Lucy pictures. Here she is. All 50lbs of her. Look at the drool. Mom and dad better make sure they have kleenex with them at all times.
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